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For May, we will be reading this year's Tiptree Award Winner, Baba Yaga Laid an Egg by Dubravka Ugresic.

Normally when Beer & Marmalade meets, we pick our next book for two months out.
Last night, we didn't do that. This is because attendance has been dwindling, and seems to be wavering right around 3-4 people.

We used to have more people! So we want to talk about how to make Beer & Marmalade better, if possible.

Please leave comments letting us know what you think about our book club. There will also be a thread on LiveJournal; the link is here.

Some things to consider:
--If you've stopped coming, is it because our date/time is bad for you? Which days work better? Has life in general just become too busy and you want more active online discussions?

--Do you dislike our location, or does it work for you?

--Do you dislike the books that have been chosen?

--Anything else you can think of?
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I think I owned a copy of this book, and I can't lay hands on it. Have I loaned it to one of you good people? If yes, can you loan it back for the week-end so I may re-read?


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