Jun. 14th, 2013

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Hey Everyone,

Just a reminder that we're meeting Monday, June 17th, to discuss Kate Elliott's Cold Magic. If you need to know where we meet, PM me or any mod.
Hang out at 6pm, book discussion starts at 7pm.

We need to decide what we're reading for July AND August, so bring your suggestions!

Here are some lists to jog some ideas:
Books & movies recced at the Poly 501 panel at WisCon: http://lcohen.livejournal.com/1065894.html
List of past Tiptree winners (kind of hard to read list): http://tiptree.org/award/previous-awards
List of "Tiptree books" on Goodreads, but I don't think all of these have actually won, not sure what criteria are: http://tiptree.org/award/previous-awards
List of Carl Brandon Society recommended reading lists from 2006: http://carlbrandon.org/awards2006.html
List of CBS award winners: http://carlbrandon.org/awards.html
List of SF/F YA novels featuring QUILTBAG people as main characters: http://tanuki-green.livejournal.com/329393.html
List of SF/F YA novels with non-white protagonist, author surnames A-L: http://tanuki-green.livejournal.com/329705.html
List of SF/F YA novels with non-white protagonist, author surnames M-Z: http://tanuki-green.livejournal.com/329981.html
List of multicultural SF/F YA novels, with reviews: http://charlotteslibrary.blogspot.com/p/reviews-of-multicultural-fantasy-and.html

If you can't join us in person, consider joining our Goodreads group & starting a discussion there: http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/73935-beer-and-marmalade

See you there!
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[personal profile] petra writes fic for many universes, and always brings amusing ideas. Today she's exploring the psychogenesis of many characters in her fic. For those of us who've recently read CYTEEN, this makes for some amusing reading.


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